Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gun show day

Last night was the Friends of the NRA banquet. It was a great time. Met some new people and caught up with some friends from the club and the auctions. I didn't win anything, but it was a great time. Filet of mignon is always good and much better than what I usually make at home. Money goes for a great cause as well.

This morning, I was off to the gun show. I acquired a nice M1 carbine along with a full box of ammo for my Garand. His prices were great as was the seller. He talked a bit about his days in Korea. He had some old magazines for the 1911's he found in his old army gear. Real nice guy with a lot of interesting items as well as some interesting stories.

I also found a older gentleman with a mill for sale. Have to line up and check it out. Need to find someone to pick it up. Has power feed on the table and a quill feed as well. More than enough for a garage. Missed out on the lathe he had. Poor guy hurt his back and getting on in years. Just hit the point where he has to look at down sizing.

Tomorrow will be cooking breakfast for me and the dog, then some garage play time. May head up to the range for a bit in the morning. Wish I had remembered to pick up some ammo for the carbine while at the show. May hit it tomorrow and see if I can find some. Pick up a canister of it at the machine gun shoot in October.

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