Wednesday, February 13, 2013


They found the nutty cop and ID'ed his body. The search is over. It ended in a cabin that was on fire. The news drones on and on repeating story. Breaking news interrupts their banter finally. It is the police department stating there is no body, they have not entered the building and have no idea if there is anyone in there or not anymore. They don't know how the misinformation got started. Do they not fact check anything at all. Then, the first of the evenings annoyances, the police department has a translator reiterate the report in SPANISH, yes SPANISH, for those illegal democrat parasites that slithered across the border and won't leave. LEARN THE  LANGUAGE OR GET OUT.

Sadly,I believe it is just the beginning. After listening to our lackluster President blather, I listened to Rubio represent the republicans take on Obama's latest speech. I don't have a thing against Rubio,but,  when he was done with his speech, he repeated it back in SPANISH. What is wrong with these politicians. Illegals sneak across the border and they bend over backwards to gain their vote. The vote they shouldn't have, because they are NOT citizens. The politicians want to fix an immigration system that is not broken, it is just ignored. It is beyond annoying having to press 1 for English, but to have the news reiterated in a foreign language is an atrocity. How is it the latinos rank higher than any other race. Why are they so special. They don't reiterate anything in polish, french, German or any of the many languages of the people who used the unbroken immigration process to learn our language and fit in to our society. Why do we have to bend over backwards to accommodate one race that invades our borders over and over again.

But what about the dreamers who were brought across the borders as children. Has  anyone else noticed that these poor dreamers were dragged across the border during or immediately after the last amnesty period when Reagan granted three million illegals amnesty. You know, when they promised to fix the borders. If you look at the age brackets they are talking about, that sure is the way I figure it. Besides, no matter how they came to be here, they are illegal. How can they manage to stay here for a lifetime and not be caught or sent back? If anything needs fixing, it is allowing ICE to do their job as they are being ordered not to at present by the parasite in charge. Obama wants more democrat votes.

As far as the state of the union address goes, the only thing that impressed me was Obama didn't have children up on stage again while he bashed the second amendment again. I am still trying to figure out how we are going to pay for every kid to go to preschool and it won't cost tax payers a dime. Obama has a strange way of doing math. He had all kinds of "free" programs that are going to just whip this country back in shape in no time.

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