Sunday, February 3, 2013

Well, I made a democrat happy today

I got rid of one of my evil black guns. Thanks to Obama, my $800 dollar gun was worth $1200. I had a hard time walking through the gun show with people stopping me all the way asking how much. I started at one end and took best offers all the way through and went back to the highest bidder. Made enough to pay for the gun safe along with delivery. They had some nice guns there as well. One guy had a real nice looking Krag, but the stock had been sanded smooth and redone. No cartouches left. Metal was all good and it was pretty. Price wasn't bad. May check on it next show. See ho much he drops it.

Prices are definitely up. May take some of my extra rifles to the next one and try to get some cash while the prices are high. Have doubles of some rifles as I found better examples along the way. If they sell, good, if not, back in the safe they go. Obummer may have crippled my 401K. He may have decimated the economy. But, he made my collection worth a fortune.

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