Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why not debate the gun problem in a real environment,0,964750.story

The mighty O is going to spew some more of his antigun rhetoric again in his communistic community of Chicago. The city with the highest gun violence in the nation along with the strictest gun control. How about sending him down here. Send him just about anywhere in America where real Americans won't listen silently and applaud the nonsense that leaves his lips. He only goes places that will applaud his view, not where he may have to defend his assinine laws and twisted views. Chicago is the gun free community the dems and liberal scum dream of. The Chicago mayor has his work cut out for him. He wants to make the gun laws harder, and lord only knows how he can do that. It is already illegal to have a working gun in your own home. You can't even carry it on your own property, it has to be in your house and non functioning. They have successfully disarmed all law abiding citizens. Too bad the gang bangers don't listen to the laws I guess. And the sheeple there can't get enough of the stupidity. They had to reach out to DC to get a replacement for Daly when he pocketed enough money to retire. 

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