Saturday, February 9, 2013

As if the family hadn't suffered enough

Has it occurred to any of the political half wits that this tragedy occurred in one of those gun free zones the government is so fond of ? Has it occurred to them that the thugs that struck down a young girl don't respect gun laws or any other laws for that matter? No, the only thing the politicians got was another photo op. Another opportunity to bathe in the blood and further their agenda. Why let someone mourn the loss of a loved one when you can twist it into more antigun rhetoric. Politicians want to mirror Chicago. They want all law abiding citizens disarmed so we can be like the Chicago sheeple. Michelle may as well hang out and move back to their home in Chicago. With a gun related death rate of over five hundred a year for a single city, she has a lot of funerals to attend. The next photo op is scheduled for Tuesday, the state of the union address. The Newtown residents have a personal invite. Gee, I wonder what will be discussed. Wonder if  Obama will have children surrounding him on stage again. Again, I can NOT believe this POS got in twice.

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