Saturday, February 2, 2013

We are so screwed

Finally, proof the big O is pro second amendment. Notice the "rifle" he is firing and the smoke "spraying out of the barrel" as Dan Pfeiffer eloquently states. Comments are pretty entertaining as well. Why can't the media and the antigunners at least be knowledgeable about what it is they wish to legislate for or against?,0,1729199.story

Another hilarious example, and I love how the reporter won't let her get away without answering the question.   

And here we learn what liberals think a semi automatic is:

And no matter how hard I try, I can't get my bayonet to fit the lug on either of my AR's. I double checked the libtard instruction manual to make sure I was using the right part.

Yesterday at lunch, the reporter on TV was talking about a cool new bullet type. It is an incendiary bullet. Now I have heard of the old fashion type, but this reporter described some new type I have never heard of. Apparently, they are dangerous heat seeking (yes, heat seeking) bullets I can load in my gun and shoot to help hit live targets. Wow, maybe I can pick some up at the gun show tomorrow.  She must have gotten her information from watching Roger Rabbit. All these well educated individuals are out there trying desperately to protect us from the evil guns. May have to send the NRA some more money, again.

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