Saturday, July 7, 2018

Depressing. Only one day left of vacation.

It's been nice. I could get use to being home all the time. With pay coming in that is. I got a lot done. I finally got the cat urine smell out of the sunroom after almost a year of treating the concrete and stone walls. It was extremely bad. Previous owners had three cats they kept there. I think they used the floor and walls more often than their cat box. I got the odor down to barely noticeable and put a heavy coat of paint on the floor. It is normal now, finally. I set up a temporary wood working room in there as it is right off the kitchen. I can now finish the counter tops in there and carry them into the kitchen from there. That turned out great. Spent today installing the bathroom sink and vanity. Looks way better than the pedestal sink they had in there. Pedestal sinks are fine, if you run the plumbing for it properly. They didn't. Existing water supply came up from the floor fully visible going to faucet as did the drain. Vanity looks clean, and is a lot bigger giving room to lay out soap dish and such neatly. Vast improvement. It definitely looks better in the bathroom than sitting in the living room waiting to install. Picked it up over a month ago and kept putting it off. Also put a new chain on the chain saw. Cuts wood like butter now. Cut down the rest of the tree in back yard and cut the wood up. Still waiting on the people to come out and remove the three trees I want them to remove. Three months and counting. All the tree cutters down here are back logged. These guys are cheaper than any others, which would explain the wait, but my patience is getting thin. Been waiting since April forth.
Took the Vette out for a ride today and stumbled upon a great car show. Lots of old Mopars from the 70's, some Mustangs and vettes. Even saw an old AMC Javelin. They had it at an old car dealership that closed last year. The owner of the dealership kept the property and already had a car museum on it. He used the other building for the dealership. Once he closed the dealership, he turned it into another portion of the car museum. It is awesome. Has one of the Dukes of hazard cars. The Charger from the fast and furious movie. One of the old Herbie love bugs. There are many cool cars, motorcycles, gas pumps and displays. Hit the food trucks on the way out. Got some really good Chinese food for dinner.

                                        Herbie on top, Fast and Furious Charger underneath

                                                           Nice old GTO

                                                         Really sweet Bronco

                                        Even found something for the little grand kid

                                          Super clean Mustang. Absolutely gorgeous.

All in all, it's been a great vacation. Going to try and do at least two or the three countertops tomorrow. Have everything set up and one cut to the right length. If the weather is like it was today, it may just be a cruising and relaxing day.

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