Sunday, July 8, 2018

Back to work tomorrow. Wahhh

I managed to figure out what shape to route the countertops with.  Practiced on a scrap piece until I found a shape that I thought looked good. Got her sanded and the first coat of sealer is curing. Come home tomorrow and sand it and put the last coat on it. It needs to cure 72 hours before use after that, so I will put it in the dining room Tuesday so it can finish hardening and that will clear the sunroom so I can start routing and coating the second one. Went to menards and found the sink and faucet I want. That panel will be the trick one. Cutting the sink opening. The sink I like is really flat. Not sure whether to route the pocket to get the stainless steel perfectly level with the wood. May cut the opening and route the pocket for the sink on the underside. If I like it, I can do the top side. If I don't, no harm done, no one will see the underside once the sink is in. Hand routing it is a bit of a pain. I have a nice table saw with a router attached underneath that would work nice, but it is buried in the shed and would be a pain to haul out to use in the yard and put back when done. I can't wait for my garage to be done so my shed will be strictly wood working. I can get all the garage stuff out of the shed and actually be organized and be able to do anything I feel like doing.

This is the shape I picked to route the edge. Turned out pretty good. Would have been a bit nicer using the fence on the mounted router. I got a couple really small blemishes I sanded out. 

Here is the Harbor freight wood worker tool bench. Got it really cheap at their tent sale a few weeks back. Comes in handy. Vise and the clamp holes in the tabletop held the top still while I was working on it. I will eventually move it to the shed once it is strictly for wood working out there. It is handy to have right outside the kitchen now anyway. 

Turned out nice for the first coat. I like the color of the sealer on the wood. One more coat and she should be ready to move inside. Hope to start the second countertop Tuesday. With everything set, I should be able to knock the second one out and have first coat on it by Tuesday evening. Hopefully I can start to cut the sink opening on the third one on Thursday. I am just hoping that cutting the opening or the sink doesn't separate the individual pieces. may see if I can clamp it to the table squeezing the boards together while I cut the opening. Figure I can use a hole saw at the edges of the opening and then use my circular saw to do the straights. I have a clamp on saw guide that works well for keeping the cut straight. I can get it close with the circular saw and finish the last of the cuts with my jigsaw. Thinking of going with a clear urethane sealer for the sink panel. Figure waterproof is better than food grade safe like the other countertops. Urethane may help bond the boards as well since it has the big opening in it. Hopefully get it all buttoned up by next weekend. 

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