Sunday, July 22, 2018

Almost done

Dropped the dog off at the vet for his physical, shots and such, which freed me up to install the kitchen counter top that has the sink in it. Easier to do without the dog trying to crawl in with me. It turned out really nice. Glad I installed the sink before putting countertop on. I found out I had to put pockets in the places the clips attach. I got brave and installed the drains and the faucet as well, so I wouldn't have to fight with it under the sink. I couldn't believe how everything fit perfectly. It was awkward doing it by myself, but I dragged it in and flipped it into place, and, it fit absolutely flawlessly. I was expecting something to be off a bit or otherwise hang. I got it all screwed together. Only thing I don't like on the new faucet is it comes with hoses preattached , and they were too short to reach supply. Like every other plumbing line I have encountered in this house, the supply line leaked a bit by merely touching it, so, I disconnected hard copper lines back to shut off and ran new. After a quick trip to the hardware store, which is only a few blocks away, everything was hooked up and leak free. I love my new kitchen. Still have to seal and install the backsplashes, which are also butcherblock. I also need to install toe kick panel on the base cabinets since I changed configuration around. Should be completely done by next weekend.
I do have a minor rodent problem as I found droppings under the sink. I set some glue traps and snap traps. I am not sure where they are coming in as I had new windows installed and have been around the house looking for any entry points. Everything looks secure. May call exterminator and have them look around and see what I am missing. When I moved in, they had a few spots by windows where something could enter, but I don't see anything now. I never leave the dogs food dish out after he eats, but he is bad for hiding cookies for later. I am going to have to throw those out and keep an eye on him. No food source and the mice should move on.

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