Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Had a lot of trick or treaters today. A lot of cool costumes. It is hit or miss as to the turnout. I think the awesome weather helped out. I got the headlight on the Vette fixed as well. Typical engineering. Doesn't matter the manufacturer, they all suck. The headlight motor stripped, which in itself is no biggie. I did the passenger side several years ago and left the drivers side go since it still worked. I put in the aftermarket bronze gear in place of the nylon one. It should be good for a while. Engineering idiocy? That was the placement of the screws for the headlight motor gear box. Drivers side should have been the easy one. It wasn't. One of the bolts, the hardest one to get to, stuck and I stripped the head out. Short of trying to drill it out, awkward entire headlight assembly of car, there was no way to get at it. Stupid part. Chevy barely blocks the head of one of the three screws for the gear cover on headlight motor, forcing you to take half the assembly apart. Since I couldn't get the stripped bolt out of motor base, I gently pried a bracket out of the screw heads way and managed to get the cover off gear housing thus eliminating having to disassemble entire motor assembly. It took some finagling, but I managed to get the old gear out and everything buttoned back up .  The nylon gear has three bushings in it. They were reduced to shavings. Nothing solid, just shavings. During reassembly, I was startled by some trick or treaters. I usually hear them coming up. The dad was checking out the mustang. She is still far from done, but everyone liked it. A lot of compliments on it. A lot of the moms really liked it. Have to get back on that project again.

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