Sunday, October 23, 2016

One day off does not a weekend make.

Went to the open house of the house I like that popped up for sale. They dropped the price quite a bit. Owner got the two lots merged into one on the deed now, so putting a garage where I would want to put it would be easy. No restrictions and a bit over an acre of land. House is older. All hardwood floors. Not crazy about the stairs. It has a basement as well as an upstairs area. Kind of an odd setup, but very doable. Really don't want to move until Summer though. Going to think about it. Only thing I don't like is it has a septic system. They put city water in, but didn't tie into the sewer. Have to check and see what it would cost to connect. After looking at building, and them having corrected lot paperwork, I would be able to knock the garage wall out and move it over to make it a two and a half or three car garage. The concrete is already there, the wall was constructed even with the house. Doesn't look like it would be too hard. Would still put another garage up next year if I get it, but I would definitely expand existing first. Really don't want to move right now though. Don't need to sit on an empty house during winter. It probably wouldn't sell right away.


  1. Not a fan of stairs either but sounds like it would work for you!

  2. Why do you fear a septic?

    As long as you don't put grease down the drain, and use Rid X a few times a year, you should ahve no issues.

    I've lived in a house for 19 years witha septic. Never had it pumped, no issues. Just keep the good grease away from the drain.

  3. Never had a septic before. Just figure sewer is no maintenance. Haven't ruled it out because of it, just prefer sewer.