Sunday, October 30, 2016

Go global warming

October 30th, and in the 80's, awesome. I got some more outdoor work done. Repaired the rotten boards on the yard barn and repainted. Put a new cover on the crawl space opening, the old one was cracked. Hit the flea market. It was absolutely huge. Got my exercise in for the day. Tomorrow, toss candy at the kiddies. Hopefully Tuesday, I will get the new faucet on the kitchen sink. I believe that is the last real repair I have on my list. I am still contemplating buying that house I saw last week. May hit up my bank midweek and talk to them about possibilities. I know I can do it, just not crazy about trying to sell a house this time of year. May also check with realtor and see if the seller would work off of a contingency. Not the best time of year for them to market house either. May line up to take another look at it.

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