Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I hate being simple minded

I received notice from the water department outlining the increases in my water rates (which are already much higher than they were up north) which will be increased in levels over the next few years. The reason. Upgrading the infrastructure. Now I fully understand the need to upgrade the old lines, but, what I don't understand is Flint. While I feel bad for an area hit by a disaster of any sorts, I fail to understand why federal (my tax dollars) should be used to upgrade an area I don't live in. Why I need to pay significantly more for my water to upgrade my system, while at the same time, paying for a democratic different area's water supply as well. Also getting hit on the utilities bill as the power company is upgrading the gas mains throughout the area as well. Federal LOAN, I can maybe understand. Paying for it outright, no.

1 comment:

  1. A Federal Loan to a Democrat city IS a grant.

    Flint is so broke, it can't pay to keep the streetlights on.

    Once GM left, so did everyone else.

    Not internal taxes.