Friday, August 12, 2016

What a week, and she's not over yet

Got added to the Saturday list. Four AM start time. Yuck. My FMLA abuser won't be back for at least another week. I am betting on at least two more weeks. Every summer for the last three years, he mysteriously gets ill for anywhere from three to five weeks. Usually coincides with Harley weather. He finally called in midweek with notice of needing two to three weeks off. I really need to find out his doctor. He already has a standing arrangement where he gets two days a month FMLA. His pick of days. Usually the first two days of the month that land on a weekend. He has had that arrangement for almost two years now. I believe the doctor gave them out in case he needed a day or two here and there for his mystery ailment. He has not missed out on using one yet, ever. So, adding them up, he gets twenty four work days a year off, no questions asked. That is only one day shy of an having an additional five weeks vacation on top of the four weeks vacation he gets. That doesn't even add in the few weeks of leave, like the one he is on now. And, my company, being the pinheads they are, give him personal days, because they don't count FMLA against personal days. In order for a worker to get a personal day, they have to have perfect attendance for a four month stretch. You can acquire three a year and use them anytime. They are a paid floating personal day you can save up for emergencies, or fun. They actually give this guy his personal day as long as his doctor gives him an FMLA form. What a crock. I work six days a week, a lot of ten hour days in there. It is hard for a worker to get personal days. I have had eight years of perfect attendance down here. I earned every personal day I got. Management needs their heads examined. He gets to enjoy summer, the rest of us work overtime trying to make up for being short staffed. At least they are predicting a lot of rain all weekend.

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