Sunday, August 21, 2016

Short week coming up, yeahhh

Another ungodly long week done. Six day weeks getting old quick. My FMLA abuser decided it was still too nice outside. He is out for another week now, at least. Must be nice to only work five days out of a month, and that is if he comes back when he said, which is a maybe at best.

Anyhow, Friday starts the Frog Follies. The biggest antique car show I have ever been to. I go every year, all three days, without fail. Have a vacation day scheduled for Friday, and am very much looking forward to it. I have worked the last few weekends, I better have this one off. I gave notice of having plans, for them to make allowances for me to actually have a weekend off. The event is for cars 1949 and older, but, the vendors have parts for collector cars of all eras as well as the for sale corral and flea market are open for everything. Want to pick up a few more items for the Mustang, as well as check out the booths. Like to have the front seats on the truck reupholstered. They are in great shape, but are about as comfortable as sitting on an upholstered rock. Short trips aren't bad, long trips are down right crippling. Never know what you are going to find there. If it rains one day out of the three, it will turn into a run to Indianapolis for the Indy 1500 gun show. At any rate, it will be a fun weekend. Just need to get through three grueling work days.

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