Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy Monday

So, it is Monday. My FMLA abuser is on his second week of holiday, and my other operator is on vacation this week. I get the machines up and running and am just about done with the job, when, boss comes up. I am one of the lucky ones to go downtown for a random drug test. Having just used the restroom, it was going to be a bit before I was ready for the test. They take you, immediately down town, to the plant and you are watched until test is done. No problem as I lead a rather boring lifestyle, if you can call it that. I get a couple tall glasses of water and have to sit there and wait for nature to work. At this time, it hits me. The irony. I am a productive worker, running my machines, minding my own business when I am taken and watched until I pee in a cup, and can't leave until they get the results. On the other side of the fence, unemployed welfare rats can smoke weed, crack, snort coke or shoot up, and no worries at all, because it would be violating their rights to require a drug test. They get to draw a check out of money from taxes I help pay. They leach off the system and have funds to get high. Having gone to trade school and not having taken any of the liberal arts crap, I find it mind boggling the double standard. Now, I don't want to go get high, but I would like to see the welfare recipients put through the same jumping of hoops that us working folk get to do. If they fail, they lose their benefits. Not fair? If I were to show signs of drug use, I would be fired instantly with no recourse. Fair play seems to be, if you are using and on welfare, you lose your free lunch. But as I said, I am one of those lowly blue collar workers and haven't had any of the liberal brainwashing the true colleges have, so my small mind has a hard time grasping the reason society allows this double standard to continue. Back to mindless fun again tomorrow. Perhaps my FMLA abuser will grace us with his presence. Happy Monday......


  1. I feel the same way. If you get assistance then drug testing should be mandatory.

    "B" sent me.

  2. "Let me get this straight. If work or own a business, I pay taxes, fees, licenses, etc. If I have over a certain number of employees, I am forced to pay their insurance, workman's compensation, etc. I am also subject to lawsuits for sexual harassment, discrimination, and on the job injuries, etc. If don't work or if I am a refugee, I can draw app. $2,700.00 per month in benefits (cash, food stamps/ebt card, subsidized housing (section 8 housing is now $250k homes in the burbs), subsidized utilities, healthcare, medicines, etc. This is not accounting for the more children I have or produce the more benefits/money I can collect." For a person who grew up and never saw either parent go to work or actually ever own a home or aspired to build a future beyond this .gov utopia, the choice would appear to be simple.

  3. And we can all thank LBJ and his "Great Society".

  4. Yep. We had an fmla abuser where I work. Constantly milking the system and everybody knew it. He finally got his karma when he didn't feel like working one morning, clocked back out and went home. Messaged the boss he wouldn't be coming in, but everyone had already seen him on the plant floor. Good riddance.

  5. As a retired vet, I had drug testing for a quarter century, usually I averaged once or twice a year. I agree that if those who actually work and are productive must be tested, then yes ALL of those who are living off Uncle Sugar with welfare and/or housing assistance should have to test also. But I would go further, ALL of the politicians and their appointed employees should be tested as well. This should include city, state and federal politicians and judges and bureaucrats as well. We already test police and fire dept employees, so why does the people at the top think they are too good to have to live under the same rules as the unwashed masses?

    MSG Grumpy

  6. What with me and Irish linking you, there should be some incentive to post a bit more....?

    1. Sorry, been extremely busy at work pounding my head against machines and resisting the urge to stab people in the eye. I appreciate, and am very surprised, by all the visitors.