Friday, December 11, 2015

Two day weekend, and, the big gun auction is tomorrow.

Better still, it was bonus day today. They have a broomhandle at the auction with an new manufacture stock/holster and harness. It has been reblued,  so collector value is out the window. It still looks good and is in great shape. So far, the online bidding is low. Hopefully I can pick it up pretty cheap. The silent auction is lousy. Bunch of magazines for the most part. No full auto at this one. Do have some interesting pistols scattered through the event. The broomy is in the middle of the auction. Take my kindle along. I can follow the online bidding on guns I want, and do a bit of reading during the long bouts of plastic guns.
Sunday is spikes vet appointment. Other than that, I plan on enjoying the warm weather. Feels like spring out there. May hit the range for a bit with any new toys I may acquire. Hopefully luck out and have a pleasant journey up north for the holidays. Be nice not to have to contend with any snow. Go global warming.

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