Monday, December 7, 2015

I like my new dentist

I was told by the last dentist, I had to have all my wisdom teeth removed, my gums are bad and I need a deep cleaning that is in the neighborhood of about $1200 out of pocket. I put money in a FSA for this last year. It is running out as it won't roll over, and I have been working so many hours, I couldn't get into the daytime dentist, so, after looking around I found this dentist group. They are open until 7pm. They do almost everything. The dentist said my lower wisdom teeth are healthy, and located where they will not have issues once top wisdom teeth are out. They can remove them instead of me having to go to an oral surgeon. They will do it with a local so I can drive home. She also informed me my gums and jaw bones are not as bad as previous dentist made them out to be. She did recommend a multiple cleaning, but, it will be about $100 out of pocket total instead of the $1200 the other dentist wanted. She said the other dentist routinely recommends that routine to patients as they see it all the time. The money I put aside for the deep cleaning instead is going to take care of the extractions and a few crowns I have been trying to get done. I should be caught back up on everything in January. I need three crowns altogether. I can get two this year and max out my insurance just in time. I will do the third the first week of January along with the final part of the cleaning. I am quite happy with the new dentist so far. Be nice being able to get in to the dentist without having to use vacation time to do it.
Went in at 5AM to get the machines set up for the trainee. Nothing went right. The lathe didn't finish some of the dimensions they were suppose to, so, when I went to grind the tapers to fit the cores, the lathe turned taper hit and locked. Had to sent them back to the lathe group to get them returned.
Got one part back early enough to finish grinder set up and do a first part grind. Mold is due out the door Wednesday, and we still have a ton of work to do on it. I am hopeful I can get Saturday off. Big gun auction going on at the auction house. Only one full work week left in the year, and one of those days is going to be a half day so I can go to the dentist. Sometimes it seems even sitting in a dentist chair having a tooth ground to a nub beats being at work.

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  1. A good dentist is a blessing. I didn't realize how bad my previous Dentist was until I found Dr. Eccles in Indiana. I hated to change when I moved.