Saturday, August 1, 2015

So far so good

Windows 10 seems to have fixed most of what I hated on windows 8. Had to work today, so I still haven't had a ton of time to really get to check it out. I do like having the regular screen start up back again instead of the tiles and having to redirect. Would still like it better yet if Outlook were still the default e-mail utility verses their Mail program. Have to dig around and see if I can find my Office disk and see if it works with Windows10 or not.
Work is still insanely busy, which is good. Got a whopping 2.5% raise rather than their regular 2% raise. Better than nothing, but just barely. They can't figure out why the kids are leaving to go down the road and work at a couple of new shops that moved into town. Every time one opens, we lose help. I have enough years in, I only stick around because of the vacation time I have earned through years of service. I won't live long enough to get to four and five weeks of vacation again. Not to mention, if I can manage not getting fired or killing a boss for the next three and a half years, I will get a one time bonus of four weeks additional vacation time I can take anytime between then and the time I retire.
Actually have a whole day off tomorrow. May get to sleep in until 8 if the dog permits it. Have a cool little local gun show to hit up in the morning. Told the neighbor lady I would put up her garage door opener as well. She is trying to sell her house and she is trying to fix broken things. It is weird. We all do it. Live with something that doesn't work and then fix it so we can sell the house rather than fixing it when it breaks so we can enjoy it. Have done it myself as well. She also has trees overgrowing in back of her backyard gate, making it unusable. Figure her kid with my saw should be able to make that problem go away. Get that out of the way, I have a tree out front of my own house that is going to start going away. Figure I will start cutting and tying up branches a bit each week until the tree is gone. Should be a fun weekend, not.

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