Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to work

It was a nice weekend off. Hit the gun show in the morning. They have a good breakfast with biscuits and gravy, so started off the day good. Not necessarily healthy, but good. Picked up some odd and end tooling and cleaning supplies, then moved on to the flea market. weather was perfect and everyone was out. Good thing about a truck, open fields become parking lots. Had a ton of cool items and antiques. Didn't buy anything, but it was sure fun looking at all the stuff. A couple of the tool vendors that usually show up weren't there. Probably at another function. Only a few more weeks until the Elnora steam show. It is the one with the working machine shop, wood shop and old time town. Really cool show. Huge flea market. Definitely an all day deal.

Finished with the fun stuff and headed home. The neighbor lady was having trouble with her gate in the back yard. The subdivision had a subpar fencing outfit put the fences up on all the houses. They quite quickly started falling apart. When I redid my gate, the hinge post was a whopping five inches in the ground with a handful of cement. Her gate was laying on the fence sorta held on by half a hinge and falling apart. I had some scrap boards from when I did mine, so I was able to get hers somewhat functional again. It isn't real pretty, but it is solid and it works. She is trying to sell the place, so functional is good enough. Did get a nice steak dinner out of it. Any day I don't have to suffer my own cooking is a good day.

Sunday was a little rest in the morning, then, on to my own yard work. Cut up some more of the tree in the front yard. Played around in the garage for a bit. Working on making some brackets for my lathe. I want to hook up some motors so I can run it as a CNC, but I am working at doing it in such a way as to retain the ability to still be able to do simple turning manually as well. Got a couple of ball screws with nuts which should get the slop out. Have almost all the hardware I need, just trying to design the brackets for the motors. Have some good ideas for how I want it, just trying to keep motivated and get it done. I picked up a bare computer case and am using it to hold the power supply and motor drive along with any relays I need. Going to be pretty basic. Run it on Mach 3 software like my little mill. I will still mount the cheap scales on it so I can use them when in manual. Starting to get there. Nice part is, once the bugs get worked out, I won't have to mess with gears for threading and I will be able to cut any pitch I want, including left hand if need be. Won't do heavy stuff, but it will be way more than adequate for the hobby work I fiddle with.

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