Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day one of frog follies was awesome

I am still sore from all the walking I did yesterday. Today, I cut the cable. I had the other big cable company come out and install just their internet, no cable at all. Twenty five a month for the first year for 30 meg speed. Not bad. I picked up Netflix and Sling TV to cover entertainment at a small fraction of the price. Sling gives me AMC, History, TCM, Epix and a few other live tv channels I like. I spent the day installing an antennae so I can pick up the local channels. The area leaves much to be desired as far as signal strength and location. I originally came from Northwest Indiana, so, you aimed your antenna somewhat northwest and all was good. Down here, the stations are in all directions and weak. I tried an attic mount as I have a walk up attic. It is so so. During the week I will install it outdoors. It will be worth it in massive cost savings. Cable has been beyond ridiculous in cost, especially for the few channels I actually watch.

Tomorrow I plan on hitting the follies again. There was a Gerstner knock off box there that I would like. Being the last day, he will probably deal a bit more. I have a genuine Gerstner box, but this one is nice and a very decent size. It will give me additional storage for my mics and such. Many items I want to check on. Pork chop sandwiches are pretty tasty as well. Not really ready to go back to work, but hopefully next weekend will be a three day as well.

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