Sunday, August 30, 2015

I am shot

After hitting the frog follies Friday, crawling around the attic installing an antennae and running cable Saturday, and then, spending the third day off back at the Follies, I am thoroughly shot. Follies was a blast. Picked up a chop saw for the garage with an extra cut off wheel for twenty bucks. I found some Rat Fink paraphernalia that just had to come home with me. Saw a ton of cool cars and neat tools and parts. Missed out on the wooden toolbox. It was gone, but if it was something I couldn't live without, I would have bought it first time around. I wanted to see if the guy would drop the price some more. Oops.

Who can resist a rat fink riding a hog, and I didn't have a rat fink bobble head:)

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