Thursday, July 1, 2010

Glad to be a hoosier

Did not take long for Hitler Mayor Daley to try to revamp his gun control rules after Supreme court ruling. New rules include not being able to take your gun out of house, but you are required to take classes and put in time at gun range. Did I mention that the only people allowed to use ranges in Chicago are police. Kind of hard to go to range when you can not legally get your gun to a range for required training. You can have more than one gun, but only one may be operational at any given time. You may not carry gun on your property, only in your house. If they catch you on your porch or other areas of your property with a gun, you will be arrested and jailed. Gun shops shall stay out of Chicago and you have to pay a hideous permit price to get a gun. You have to register your handguns with the police. The Federal government doesn't require people to do this(yet), but the city of Chicago can much like Germany did when Hitler was in power. The city with the absolute toughest gun control laws, has the countries highest crime and murder rate. It is too bad Daley can't understand criminals do not care about gun laws. The only thing Daley does is take away ones ability to protect themselves. He is a coward that stands, surrounded by armed body guards, and tells people they have no need for guns for protection. The scariest part is, this is the cesspool that Obama slithered out of. I for one have had all the change I can handle. If they throw a three headed monkey into the running in 2012, I am going for the monkey (the three headed one, not to be confused with the current bumbling monkey in charge). The monkey in charge now wants to let the illegals stay for a price. As long as the government gets their cut (back taxes, fines), the hell with the laws.  I guess he can not understand if you give amnesty once, It sends the message that if you sneak in and stay long enough, we will make you legal. God help America because it appears to be circling the drain.

Think I will take a break from the car and garage tomorrow and go to the range and play .  Thank God I don't live in Illinois or one of the other commie states.

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