Friday, July 2, 2010

Day at the range

Weather was great. Had the range to myself. Finally got a chance to try out my new Colt Huntsman 22. It's a fun little plinker. Extremely comfortable and accurate. I was able to get some new magazines for it online at a decent price. They are the real Colt brand mags, so they feed as they should. Played with the glock some more. They still look awful toy like to me, but they are extremely accurate and an easy shoot. I like the feel and look of my Smith and Wesson 1911 better than the glock, but I can't get the tight grouping with it like I can with the Glock.  I still can't hit worth anything with the break top. It is a heavy gun, so I suppose I could use it as a club, or lob it at someones head as a last ditch effort. It is a cool looking gun. One of the guys at the club said he has one chambered in .44 and the only way he can hit anything with it is to aim about six inches low. The sight on it looks like half a penny.

Next out was the Garrand. One of my favorites. I managed to score some Greek ammo at the machine gun shoot for it. The ammo in picture is out for my 03A4. I have the ammo in en clips for the Garrand. Found a shop down here that will buy my empty en clips, bandoleers and any other military leftovers off me. I can usually find the ammo in cans with en clips and bandoleer's, so it is good to find a source to use the empties. He has a K31 I am hoping to get. I have one, but his is mint with all accessories and number matching bayonet.


Next out was the O3A4. I finally got my laser bore sighter, and had sighted it in at home prior to coming out. It shot well for the first three shots, then was all over the place. I checked scope, and it had loosened up. I will have to dig up the locktite and get her sighted back in.

Next toy out was the #5 Enfield Jungle Carbine. I still need to find the proper rear sight for it. Prior owner put a scope on it, but as short as it is, and general build, a scope is a waste on this rifle. I will put scope and mount on my #4 Enfield. I need a micrometer type rear sight for this as that is what it came with. I will probably have to go E-bay for it as I can not find one at the gun shows (not even the Indy show).  It is a nice shooter, but kicks like a mule. It has a harder kick than the Garand by far. It's still a cool looking gun. It wasn't too popular, so it is a very uncommon Enfield. This one is genuine as there are civilian knock offs and conversions out there. I lucked out and found it at Whitaker Gun shop for only $199. Any where I see them, they start around $500.

I managed to get the Engine for the mustang to the shop yesterday. I rented a truck to get it in. My buddy that was going to help get it in has been working overtime and just didn't have time when shop was open to get it in. I will probably have to take a vacation day to pick motor up. They are closed on Saturday, and close at five o'clock making pick up and drop off hard to line up if you work for a living. I have the welder now and I ran the electric for it so it has its own breaker. Hopefully start making sparks tomorrow. Have to get everything ready for when motor gets back. It was nice to get a break and go outside for a while though.


  1. Nice! I missed the range and matches yesterday (still feeling a might bit puny). Hearing about it after over food and brownies made it almost as good.

    Hope to see you up here again soon. Will try and have another dinner at my place in August if I can.

  2. I hope you feel well soon. Looking forward to coming back up.I had a great time last show. The dinner was fantastic, and the company was great.