Friday, January 22, 2021

Sleepy Joe is now asleep at the wheel

 Two and a half days into the four year shit show. Today, Biden nixed an order Trump signed to lower insulin prices. His first day, he killed the pipeline along with the thousands of jobs that went with it. He opened the gates for more illegals to enter as well as green cards for all invaders. We now have new caravans coming, and the illegals that are on the way are "demanding" Biden honor his promise to stand down and let the invaders in. 

Democrats are worried about the spread of a virus that kills .03 of one percent of the population. They have shut down restaurants, bars, sporting events, and basically everything people wish to do. They are super spreaders, unless it is a left wing demonstration, they are allowed to burn and pillage at will. The left has NO problem allowing the hoards to penetrate the border, bringing COVID, measles, chicken pox and whatever else they may have. If they cross at an entry point, we will treat them for free, then release them on their word to report to court when their date arrives. We are back to the hell we endured four years ago. 

While I don't like seeing anyone lose their jobs, I feel less sad when it is a union worker. Most of them blindly vote democrat. Most workers on the pipeline that got axed probably voted for Biden. Same goes with other union workers. The alcoa plant down here was in the process of shutting down. Many of my neighbors lost their jobs. Good paying jobs. I work in a machine shop that manufactures and rebuilds molds for making plastic food containers. A lot of our machines were idle because our management was sending the orders for new molds to China. We mopped and cleaned most of the time. Kept waiting for our pink slips. About the only work we had was redoing the fits on components of the chinese molds. They would come in, our assembly department would break it down and Quality control would inspect it. We got the privilege of repairing the new mold. Our management team would fly to china on a regular basis to help educate them on what was wrong, so they could do better so we wouldn't even have the repair work. When President Trump brought the tariffs in, Alcoa not only reopened, it expanded. My neighbors went back to work. My place of business brought mold building back to the states. We bought new machinery and have been working at break neck speed. We have hired a lot of new people. The steel industry in america also saw new life. All this is on the verge of going away again. Corporations are for profit. If tariffs go away, I am sure my company will farm the work back to China again. I find it mind bogling that people actually voted for Biden. A senile old bastard who is extremely corrupt and cares about nobody. The tax cuts, which my accountant told me gives me roughly three grand more take home pay a year, will be gone as Biden promised. I am not wealthy. I personally can't stand listening to Trump, as he usually acted like he was still a reality TV show actor. BUT, I loved what he actually accomplished. It saddens me that there are so many people that voted against Trump because of his tweets and rough persona. I like and enjoyed how he made our lives better. 

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