Sunday, January 21, 2018

Refrigerator is here

Refrigerator is in and running. It arrived with a couple small dings on the freezer door. They offered 10percent off of the price, bring out a new fridge, or bring out a new door. Dings are tiny, but I know they are there, so I opted for a new door. I had the old refrigerator doors off and in the driveway, so I wasn't really leaning towards sending refrigerator back. Keep trying to talk myself into the ten percent off, but I believe I am going with new door. Refrigerator is out where it is seen in two rooms, so if it has a dent, it will be of my making. I really like the way it all looks together. Everything is either black or black stainless. I really like the look of the black stainless. Ice maker is still making first batch. Probably won't have usable ice until Tuesday. I think I found the color for the counter top I will get. I need to get the gas line ran to the range first. Been too busy with rest of kitchen this weekend. Wish I had a couple more days off to finish things up a bit.

Weather is nice, but doubt it will last long. Enjoying the springtime like melt off. We got about four to five whole inches of snow a week ago Friday. They don't plow or salt down here, so, it gets a bit sloppy, but not bad. What was bad was them not removing it and the subzero temps freezing the slush. Really wish they would learn to clear the roads and not wait for God to thaw them out. As luck would have it, it was in the mid 50s today and snow is gone. Maybe the kids will go back to school. They actually cancelled school all last week. The whole week. They cancel school if there is a rumor of snow. I think I could count on one hand with fingers left over how many school days I missed as a kid in northern Indiana in all the years I went to school on account of snow. I can't believe how they treat snow down here. Too many years living in the north where you just headed out extra early when it snowed. Several inches was normal, not gut wrenching. Hope for a mild winter as I hate snow and cold. Ready for spring. Lots I want to do outdoors now that the house is pretty much done.

I am ready for a relaxing day off now. Really don't want to go back to work. Spent the whole weekend working on the kitchen and around the house. Think next weekend is going to be a bit of fun and relaxation. I do believe they have a flea market and a gun show going on locally next week.

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