Saturday, January 20, 2018

Almost there, on the kitchen

Dishwasher works great. Highly recommend Bosch dishwashers. My last house, I bought a brand new Whirlpool dishwasher as my previous one worked well. It was horrible. Had to rewash silverware and some dishes. It wasn't a cheap model either. I bought the stainless tub with the hard food disposal. Total junk. The Bosch cleans flawlessly. Everything comes out clean and spot free. Hope the other appliances are as good.
Today, I put up my Frigidaire microwave over the range area. Total pain by yourself, but I managed. Tile backsplash made drilling holes a bit of a pain. Need to get some decent masonry bits one of these days. I got that done, and the delivery guys dropped off my range. I don't have the gas line ran for it yet. It has been to cold to disconnect the furnace to tee off the gas line. It looks awesome though. Tomorrow, they drop off my new refrigerator. I just got the water line run for the ice maker. It is going to be great having ice and ice water through the refrigerator door again, as that is my main drink.
Still trying to figure out what I want for the countertops. I am thinking of replacing the counter where the electric range top was with a solid butcher block top. The other wall with the sink and range I will probably go either granite or solid surface. I like the built in sinks on the solid surface, just not sure how stain resistant they are compared to granite. They look sleeker as well. I am going to put some three inch spacer panels between cabinets and microwave and stove. Lowes had some that matched the cabinet wood grain really close. If I can make up my mind on countertop, kitchen will be done. Pretty much finishes up modifications I have in mind for the house. Still need to straighten office up, but after I get the kitchen wrapped up. Kitchen is looking great. Can't wait for tomorrow when refrigerator is here.

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