Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Gaining in bits

Back to work for two weeks now, and it sucks as bad as I remember work sucking. I am gaining quite a bit on the house. I mapped out most of the breaker box as it only had the 220 lines marked in the box. They are dropping by tomorrow with my new dishwasher. It comes with free install, not that they are difficult to install, but free hook up is good. I did get into the sink today and fixed the leak it had at the drain, as well as installed the garbage disposal. Previous owner must have had one at some point I would think, as there was a wire and switch for it, sort of. Took strainers out and found that they didn't believe in plumbers putty. I guess stainless steel strainer on a stainless steel sink is suppose to magically seal off. I took pipes apart and sealed the strainer that is going to stay, and installed the garbage disposal in other location. Recut and fit drain pipes to work. Went to install electric and found the owner was a believer in saving energy. Apparently, in his world, you can run a piece of romex from the switch right to the garbage disposal and it would miraculously work. I straightened the wiring out, installed a pigtail on the disposal, installed a switched receptacle down below and all works now. Scary the stuff you find on old houses. Especially when you have a person who thinks they can do it themselves, and can't.

Refrigerator is still a week away. This weekend I will run the ice maker line. I have the parts, just haven't done it yet. Still tossing around which range I want. Going to get a gas range, but I am thinking of bringing the electric oven up from the basement for a temporary fix so I can get the countertops ordered and installed. Running a temporary electric line is easy as the junction box is close. It has been freezing down here and the gas line I want to tee off of is the one running to the furnace. Have to break the line down from  where it enters furnace and back up to the elbow at the ceiling, tee it there, rerun line to furnace, then, install new line from tee to area where stove goes. Figure I can wait until the weather breaks a bit. In the meantime, I can get the counters done. This weekend, I also want to cut the wall behind and above the new range area and run 120 power for the microwave and gas range, as well as block off the original hole where refrigerator power outlet is, so it isn't an eyesore. Original power is about even with where they top of the range will be. Don't want it sticking half above the stove. I can salvage a few of the small tiles from hole I make behind range to cover old outlet hole. Kitchen looks a lot bigger just by moving the refrigerator out of old location and putting in new location. Opens up the room.

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