Sunday, November 13, 2016

I knew I forgot something

I went to the store today and grocery shopped. I meant to drop by the baby aisle and pick up some diaper pins. Not sure if the couple of liberals at work have picked any up yet. One of the bosses next door (at work, we have multiple buildings) is a Hillary supporter and anti-Trumper, I just found out through facebook. Wouldn't want them not having diaper pins. Should have got some preparation H as well. Apparently, Donald is going to stack the supreme court with judges that will let him off on the Trump University suit. Not being a liberal, my logical way of thinking gets in the way of figuring out how the supreme court pick is going to help him out.

Only a two day work week this week, if I don't use a personal day to fill in a bit. Can't wait. Going into vacation mode. Two short weeks in a row, then, three work weeks left until I go on two weeks of vacation. Freaking awesome.

I feel like I am in a bugs bunny cartoon. I have some kind of digging critter tearing the yard up. Too big of tunnels to be moles. Not sure if it is gophers or what. I am trying the poison in the tunnels first, before trying the smoke bombs. Had a mole problem up north, but the tunnels were nothing compared with the mounds these things are leaving. Much funnier on the cartoons than in real life.

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