Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas all

Finally feeling much better. Throat no longer feels like it is full of razor blades. Throat's still a bit tender, but much,  much better. Been resting a lot, which helped. Hope to actually be able to get out and enjoy some of vacation after Christmas. Still haven't got my magazine for the pistol I got at the auction. Ordered one through TripleK. Last time I use TripleK, period. I ordered  a magazine, it showing in stock on web page. After a week of waiting, I get an e-mail, not a package, an e-mail, stating it would be back ordered for upwards of four months and they will let me know when it will ship. I ordered one from e-bay which will be here early next week at the latest. First, and last dealings with TripleK. Got a kick out of their web page as well. Warns not to "bother" them with e-mails pertaining to orders as they will get to them when they get to them. They can kiss my a$$, I will never "bother" them again. Way too many suppliers who want my money, I needn't bother anyone.

Been relaxing and watching lots of Doctor who, as they are having a marathon. Haven't watched it in many years. I remember watching it as a kid, with my brother many years back, when it was on PBS. Effects were a bit more primitive in those days. Tom Baker with K9 remain my favorite doctor characters. The newer doctor is pretty entertaining. Saw a newer episode with K9 in it. He looked a bit worse for wear, but aren't we all. Like to see what the modern Daleks look like.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy new year. I am going to nap a bit more. Spike doesn't seem to mind, as long as I wake enough to feed him and let him out (and the occasional cookie doesn't hurt either).

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