Saturday, December 6, 2014

Oh well

The broomhandle headed north of two grand, so, it didn't come home with me, dang it. I did pick up a couple plinkers and another enfield though. Picked up a .22 Stoeger luger. Needs a magazine, but it was under two hundred, so I can afford a magazine. Got a FN1922 plinker as well. Came with a holster with the Nazi markings on it. The enfield was just too nice to leave on the shelf. Silent auction was horrid. I really don't understand why on earth they put air rifles and bb guns in the auction. I wish they would have had all the real guns first with the junk at the end for those interested in toys. They splattered them here and there so you couldn't even go out for a snack break.

Still two weeks until vacation. Don't know if I can wait that long. Works been beyond busy with no end in sight. Lots of work, which is good. I was suppose to work today, but with a gun auction going on and me being the senior worker, one of the other guys filled in for me today. Next two weekends are local gun shows.

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