Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nice show

Biggest Indy1500 I have seen in a really long time. Had some really cool firearms. I refrained from buying any guns this time around, but not for a lack of availability. They Had a table full of double rifles with pictures of the African hunts they were on. I saw three Krags, two at really reasonable prices. PMC Bronze 223 (which I shoot quite regularly) was as low as $8 for a box of 20. All in all, a great show.
I did pick up some tools. One of the hallways leading to a side room had a machinist that was clearing out some of his old tools at really reasonable prices. Picked up a Starett one inch mic for ten bucks. A few Jacobs mini chucks for the mill for five bucks a pop. A boring/threading bar for the lathe for ten bucks, and, a full fractional American made set of drills for twenty bucks. The drills were used, but all were sharpened properly. Guns are great, but so are tools.
The 80% AR lowers are getting quite ridiculous on price. They want $80 for an 80% you finish lower. One table had a drill fixture for making them, for $100. Kinda defeats the purpose. May as well buy a finished one and be done with it at those prices.
I am on vacation now and going to get back on the one I started a few months back. I have the little CNC mill set back up in my office, and the cutter I need for milling the threads. Be something new to try. I have some scrap pieces of aluminum to practice on before cutting the lower. Picked up a billet of aluminum to try and cut a lower out of. Found a program on the web. I want to pick up a block of machineable wax to practice on before doing the billet.

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