Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Well,,,,after about a week
After about a week of rioting about the poor choir boy who got shot by the white cop, facts start to trickle out, slowly. It appears the officers eye socket was fractured and he was beat damn near unconscious when he shot the poor black child. Those miniscule facts just don't fit into the liberal racially fueled press though. In other news, a black cop shot a crazy ass cracker. No rioting going on as of yet. But, then again, most of us crazy ass crackers have to go to work tomorrow thus getting in the way of protesting rioting and looting, dang it.

And in yet other left wing nut job unbiased news, it's history the way liberals see it.

No bias here. Kinda curious if they edited out the holocaust as some of our friends overseas are in the process of doing. Apparently, the muslims are offended by the teachings of the holocaust as in their screwed up heads, it didn't happen. England is one of the countries that is currently trying to get it out of their history lessons so as not to offend I am sure it is in our new history scheme. Love the article. Can't say I am throwing a conniption fit, but I am severely nauseated at both the way the liberals are trying to literally rewrite history, and this article written by a liberal nut job.

Oh well, time to turn off the news, finish out the week a day early, and head out to the follies. Work tomorrow, take personal day Friday so I can get to the Frog Follies when they open Friday morning. Three fun filled days of hotrods, flea market, car parts, and just general fun.

Got home today and disassembled the top end of the lathe and cleaned, stoned and lubed the slide and compound. It was really stiff. It was filthy. She moves smooth now. Want to do a couple mods on it though. Found a nice website that has prints for putting a heavy duty quick change tool post on it. Want to make a bigger handle on it as well, with a bearing in it to make it a tad smoother. Also has a slick mod that will allow me to cut left hand threads with it. Should be a pretty nice weekend. If I am off next weekend, the Indy 1500 may be the destination.

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