Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This year the magic number was four.......

The whole mindset down here baffles me. They don't believe in salt or snow removal. The common statement down here is "well, we don't get snow and ice like they do up north so we aren't prepared for it"..... Yes, you do, you just wait for mother nature to remove it. The last real wet weather we got was over a week ago, but the cold temps stayed. The ice was still in the parking lot Sunday. They don't salt. I have bitched to management about the slick lot and having to slide into the building. We had an old timer fall late last week. Fortunately, he was alright. Did they salt? NO. We had three fall over the weekend. One got hurt bad enough he will be going in for shoulder surgery to repair torn rotator cuff. Wonder of wonders, when the safety people from down the road showed up to make a report, the parking lot was salted by the time they got there. It only took four falls with one major injury to get them to salt the lot. Last year it got salted after the first fall. The first fall was an injury so they didn't wait quite as long. Last year they didn't salt because the boss doesn't like the way the salt gets tracked down the aisle ways, it looks bad. Blows my mind the way management think. I can't wait for spring. I have had enough of the stupidity. Don't know what they would do if they got a storm like we get up in northwest Indiana where I am originally from. Heck, they had a two hour delay this morning for the schools. Why, It was cold and a little slick. Heck, by 9:00 it was up to 50 degrees outside.  Kids must have a few weeks of make up time by now with all the days they shut down and half days.

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