Monday, October 11, 2010

staying on course

Got home and went to work on car. Got the trans filled and topped off the oil. Finished plumbing the coolant lines and finished wiring starter and solenoid. I go to crank it, battery is stone dead. I charged the battery and hit it again. It kicks the breaker and had to wait for it to reset. Tomorrow I will have to look for short in system. There was one wire in loom I did not like the looks of and after looking at schematic, I will just run a new wire to replace it. There was also a couple wires down by the steering column that I forgot about that someone had twisted and taped that were coming loose. I wanted to splice them after determining their function, but forgot about until now. Nothing else, tomorrow I can just bypass the ignition switch and hotwire it under hood to check engine function. I am going to be pulling steering column to replace toe board, so that will make wire splicing and IDing easier. The clown who put the column in spliced the wires coming out of column and taped and twisted wires. Not a whole lot to the wire harness on this car, so it shouldn't be too bad to patch up the mess.

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