Friday, October 1, 2010

It's finally the weekend.....

I came home to find the subframe connectors I ordered waiting for me on the stoop. Managed to get quite a bit done during the week. I snaked the new prebent gas line into place. Not an easy task seeing as how it is almost the length of the car and has to run over the rear axle, around muffler and around several obstacles. I had to drop rear exhaust, but the line is there ready to install once I drain tank. I ran my work vehicle low so I can transfer fuel over to it. I need to check the fuel gage sending unit as well before reinstalling the line.

I finished removing the carpet on the inside and the floor is in decent shape other than the driver side front which I am replacing. A good sanding,  priming and paint before installing carpet should take care of floor.
Once floor is done,  I can install the frame rail connectors and weld them in place. It should stiffen the ride up somewhat. Once that is done, I can run the new brake lines and parking brake cables. It has been real pleasant weather lately making it nice working in the garage.

They have a gun show at the armory tomorrow, so that should be a nice start for the weekend. Next weekend is the fall machine gun shoot. Should be able to restock my ammo for the Garrand. Nothing beats the smell of gun powder and flame throwers. Throw in a gun show and it is a great weekend. I believe Indy gun show is this month as well.

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