Sunday, October 24, 2010

The beast lives....

I went through the wiring harness and fixed a couple of shorts. One wire had almost no insulation on it and the copper was green. This was the wire that ran from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid. I cut it out and put a new run in. I put all the connectors on and turned the key. Just a click. I check things again. I put new cables on positive side, but negative is the old one. Changed cable out and car cranked good. Cranked it until gas hit carb. It fired and purred nicely. The carb needed no adjustment and the timing was almost dead on. I filled the radiator and let it run. When I shut it down, it hadn't occurred to me to dig up the radiator cap, so coolant flowed onto my garage floor. I put the cap on and started her back up and let it run for a while. After I was happy that all was well, I shut it down and taped the harness back up. After taping, I snaked the harness back through all the holes and plugged everything back in. Once again, I start the engine up. She is running fine and I start checking the lights out. Headlights and taillights come on fine. Try the turn signal, the engine dies. Turn signal off and restart engine. Try signal again, engine dies and smoke comes from light switch area. Had enough fun for one day. Engine runs. I will have to check the light situation tomorrow. I did not have the lights plugged in earlier when running engine, so I am hoping it is just a short in the harness that is only a foot long and runs from turn signals to the harness that I worked on today. Maybe it shorted out while I was plugging in back in to main harness.  Well, at least it runs and no fluids leaked out of engine or trans so that is good.

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