Saturday, May 15, 2010

Waiting on the hoist

Stayed the course today, despite nice weather, and got the hood off and the engine stripped. Removed the clutch linkage ( hopefully to be refitted with modern hardware). Hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow so we can take a range day break. My buddy with the engine puller is not available until next weekend, but the engine is ready when he is. I just need to drop drive shaft and remove crossmember bolts tomorrow and all is ready. I ordered stainless steel gas lines to run from tank to pump, and pump to carb so as to have them in and ready for when engine is done. Still need to order new clutch set, but need to verify that it has the 9 inch and not the 8.5 inch clutch first. I will pull engine and trans as a unit.

Hopefully out to the range tomorrow after taking in the gun shows. They have one at the 4H center down the road, and a big one in Kentucky tomorrow. So it looks like it should be a good weekend all the way around. Next weekend is a three day weekend for me, so hopefully the car will be minus the motor, and engine compartment will be getting cleaned and repainted. Might rebuild front end while all the stuff is out in the open and the car is out of commision. Really looking forward to driving it.

I did manage to clean and organize workbench and tools. I got the cabinet sandblaster on a toolbox now, so it is off my bench. Still need to run air line to new location. I want to run pipe around wall for a air manifold setup like I did in my garage up north, but have not done that yet. Maybe tomorrow, I can drop off at Menards and get pipe and fittings. Need to replace my air tools too. My son wound up with my old ones, need to replace them to make life a little easier. Looking at mig welder too. Need to run a 20 amp outlet out of breaker box for garage. House is only about eight years old, but the contractor wired the outlets to the 15 amp light breaker. If the air compressor kick on at the right time, it takes out the lights, garage door and all power in garage. Makes it downright interesting if you are working in the garage with the door shut at night.

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