Monday, May 17, 2010

On to the Dash

Well, today I took a break from the engine bay. I got home from work and was greeted by a big box by my door. My new dashpad has arrived. The only things the interior needs are the dash pad and headliner. It took a few hours getting the old, nasty pad off. I followed factory manual to the letter trying to remove it. Had all bolts and hidden fasteners removed, and it still held with a vengence. I was looking for missed bolts and or fasteners. Finally chose the easy route. Out comes utility knife (can not possibly damage the pad as seen in pictures above, knife can only improve it).  It appears one of the previous owners went to the trouble of  tearing dash down far enough to ooze some sort of evil glue inbetween dash pad and steel dash to adhere the mess togeather. It would have been a vast improvement had he just ripped it off altogeather. The glue reacted with the dash pad as you can see in pics, and sort of melted it into a gooey mass in spots. I am going to slip dash pad on tomorrow temporarily to see how she looks. Want to leave it off for now so I can replace the front speakers and change a voltage regulator for the gages.

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