Thursday, May 13, 2010

Out with the old

Motor overhaul underway. Small water leak leads to thermostat housing. Thermostat housing bolt snapped off in head. Pull head to get bolt out. Can't bring myself to putting head back on without refresh. Clutch needs replacement, so, tranny is coming out. So, this leads to block coming out and being refreshed as well. Block is coming out this weekend for rebuild. I also found an update for the horrid mess ford put in for a clutch linkage assembly. What a dismal design. They now make cable and hydraulic conversion kits for them, so new toys being ordered. Body and paint will have to wait for a few years. I am going to do drive train properly first.

Being a 43 year old FORD, I added a sandblaster to the garage( both a cabinet and freestanding model). Once engine is out, all brake and gas lines are coming out. Engine bay will be stripped and painted. New brake and gas lines throughout. Nice thing about the old mustangs is everyone makes everything for them and cheap. New Stainless brake line kits and gas line kits available with all bends to fit directly available at a really reasonable price. Beats having to cobble together brake line lengths to kinda fit. Really hoping to be driving her in June.

Og,  I hope this posting will wards off the threat of the dreaded bottled dogs breath  ; )

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  1. Indeed! But the shipfitter's disease is gonna kill you!

    You need to find an engine and trans to stick in there while this one is being rebuilt, so you can have fun with it.