Sunday, March 11, 2018

Making headway

I have a plumber scheduled to replace the water heater and run gas line for the stove. I will get the counter top ordered during the week. I believe I figured out which top I want. It is way too hard to pick from such a wide assortment. Trying to get  a builder out to get solid quotes on garage. Hard to get them to answer email requests. I am going to call the original builder I talked to last year. They do stick and steel garages. I will quote both. It is going in back yard, so I can do either. I can probably go bigger with the steel, and they carry a forty year warranty on the steel. It should outlast me by a few decades.

Miserable weekend. I missed work Friday. Used a personal day. When I got home Thursday, Spike was in pain. He had his leg up and shaking. He has back issues that act up now and then and I tried calming him down the best I could. Usually they work themselves out. He was howling when he moved most of the night, so I took off work and took him into the vet when they opened in the morning. I was extremely thankful they didn't have to put him down. They gave him pain pills and muscle relaxers, and took x-rays. He is doing much better. Not near himself yet, but it will take time to heal. I've been there before as I have torn my back up several times over the years. Hard to keep him from jumping on furniture or running when he hears the neighbor dog. Made for a horrible weekend. Spent most of it keeping him calm and resting. Meds help take the pep out of him. I need to look into setting up a ramp of sorts so he doesn't have to jump on and off couch. He must have landed wrong while I was at work. He sometimes likes doing laps around the hallway as well. Amazing how fast the little dog goes when he is outright running. Hardwood floors make the turns a bit hard for him. I look forward to having him back up to normal soon. Just wish there was a more permanent fix, but it is just a genetic flaw in the breed.

Not ready to go back to work yet, but I have to. Really want to get the garage on the schedule. You would think builders would call you back when you want to hire them to build a garage, but it doesn't seem to matter to the ones I have contacted thus far. I don't want to hire someone that doesn't call back promptly as I don't want to run into same issue when they are hired and not moving forward on job.

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