Sunday, March 18, 2018

Expensive weekend

Had a plumber in to replace the hot water heater. It was about sixteen years old, and rumbling. Had me a bit nervous. Glad I had a pro do it. It got ugly. The previous owner skimped on shut offs. No shut off valve for the water heater. If water heater went, you had to shut the main off. Had to turn the main valve off coming into house. Water was still trickling. It wouldn't shut all the way off. He tried turning it back on. Nope, it was broke. I am a huge fan of the new shut off valves that are quarter turn on, quarter turn off. Hate gate valves. They always fail, always. I usually know where the main shut offs are for everything. I hadn't found the water meter and shut off yet. Grabbed a shovel and started tracing the area from street to line input of house. Found it. Under a couple feet of leaves, that were under the two massive thorn bushes in the front of house. Whacked the bushes back and raked up the leaves. In the interim, he had the water heater out, installed a shutoff valve for the input of water heater, and teed off of the gas line for my stove. I had him add to his work list adding a shut off valves for both the outdoor faucets. Had him install a modern new faucet on the rear of house. That one I use a lot. Would have had him do the front faucet as well, but, power company planted the gas meter smack dab in front of it. Not enough room to pull old and replace. It drips. I now have an inside shut off valve for it, so I can shut the water off completely in there when not in use. It is old enough, I may be able to replace a rubber washer in it to get rid of drip. I had him install a shut off in line for the ice maker on refrigerator too. I had it temped in so I could use it before. I don't like saddle clamps. I wanted it done right. The plumbing took all day, but I now have a new water heater, shut off valves where I need them, Ice maker hooked up right and a working gas range. It was an expensive day, but well worth it. Marked a lot of things off my to do list. I am also relieved to know where the water main is for any future emergencies. Next up is countertops. I am seriously thinking of doing the counter tops in butcher block. It would look nice and is rather economical. Found the faucet and sink combo I want as well.
Did manage to get out for a little, very little, yard work today. Trimming brush and removing dead wood. April starts spring yard waste pick up. They will pick up debris for four weeks. I am starting to get my pile ready. Lots to do. Try and stay on track and do a bit every day after work. A week from tomorrow is our first of two heavy trash pick up days. I am going to try and cut up the rotting 8x9 yard barn in back and stack it up for them to haul away. Hope to get the yard in shape this spring. It has been neglected, for years from the look of it. Going to try and get ahold of the garage builder again if the work part of the week goes well.

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