Monday, December 18, 2017

New windows are in

The new windows are in, and they are beautiful. Huge difference, in appearance and function. They put a special panel, window combo in the basement for the dryer vent. It looks way better than the cobbled mess they had before. Everything is white instead of the original aluminum single pane windows of before. Everything inside is done. They will be back in the morning to seal and trim the outside. Big difference on temperature and sound. Street in front is busy. Before, it was loud. Not so much anymore. The temperature of the interior glass isn't cold to the touch either. See how the utility bills do. It is going to be great in the spring to be able to open the windows and get some fresh air.

 Spike had to spend some time at the dog sitter so he isn't under foot. Pick him up tomorrow. Doesn't feel right eating without my little mooch next to me giving me the big cow eyes with the tongue hanging out.. I will pick him up tomorrow when they are done. I want to pull part of the fence down to cut a tree trapped between it and a thorn bush anyway. I can do that and get it put back up while the guys are finishing the outside of the house. The thorn bush is also grown around a dilapidated rusty flag pole that needs to come down as it is an eyesore and also about to lean on the power and cable lines coming to the house. Was going to wait for spring, but with Spike at the sitters and a sunny day in the 50s tomorrow, may as well get it done. Need to get the oil changed and a haircut sometime this week as well. May try and get another quote on the garage.

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