Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Busy day

Window guys showed up and finished the outside trim. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Nothing left to paint. Looks like a new house. Nice clean lines and a huge difference in the view. No more aluminum bar running through the middle of each pane. No idea why they were designed that way. Did nothing more than obscure the view. New windows tilt in for easy cleaning. No grid, just clean glass.  Guys did a great job cleaning up the mess before they left. Even closed all the gates and latched them. Quite impressed with the job they did all the way around.

I spent most of the day putting blinds back up that I took down, as well as putting new ones up. They are the cellular shades. Hit them on sale again. Two of the bigger ones are very expensive, but they are unbelievably easy to open and close. Just lift up or pull down on the center and it goes up or down easily. I expected them to be clumsy as they are about 100 inches across. No cords to mess with, and being cellular, no gaps. I have light filtering in the house, so it lets in daylight, and light blocking in the bedroom, which blocks light out extremely well. Plus, with no gaps like the slats have, it is totally dark, not stripes of light. 

I was busy inside and it turned out to be wet out, so I didn't get to cut the tree or flagpole. They will still be there in the spring. Picked Spike up after they left. He was glad to be home and I was glad to have him back home again. I hate dropping him off anywhere. He is great to have around, but it was safer to have him out from under foot during construction. Tomorrow I will try and force myself to get back to work on the office. Ceiling needs another coat, then I can start the walls. I bought blinds for that room as well. Put them up when all is painted cleaned and dry. I hate painting with a passion. No kids around, so once it is painted, I should be done. Last house still looked like new after nine years of the same paint. Dog doesn't drag the wall to much, and he is low enough to the ground, it doesn't show. Just need to bite the bullet and push through.

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