Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mole patrol

Moles have moved in, and I am having fun evicting the vermin. Smoke bombs and spades are making some progress. Poor elderly gentleman that live behind me has the Scotts yard of the neighborhood, and they are tunneling through his yard as well. His cat is helping out. He gives the cat treats for every dead mole he brings him. Said cat likes to torment my dog. He sits under the bushes just outside the fence and it drives Spike nuts. I am taking a nap on the couch, generally happens after I eat whether I mean to or not, and the dog starts going insane. He is throwing himself against the screen door and frothing at the mouth. I jump up thinking intruder. I wish I had a camera handy at the time. The stupid cat was sitting a couple inches on the other side of the screen door, staring the dog  in the eyes. I went to open the door, the cat leaped on top of the fence and stared down at the door. Silly cat loves tormenting the dog. Smart little critter.

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