Saturday, March 11, 2017

Gun auction was a bust

I went to the preview for the gun auction yesterday. The Garand sniper rifle was a hack job. Homemade, and you could tell. It still pulled $1700 out the door. The Rocola M1 carbine was in horrid shape. No finish left. Sights damaged and partly missing. Mismatched components. It went for $1000. Even some of the lower end plinkers I had a slight interest in went high. When I saw the shape the main guns I wanted were in, I just stayed home today. I was able to see the selling prices online. My buddy texted me that it was a madhouse. I did go to the gunshow. It was a bust as well. More cheap Chinese knife booths than gun booths. Nothing even remotely interesting there. I did manage to get in and get my haircut, so I did accomplish something today.


  1. I know a guy up here that specializes in garands and does a lot of carbines.

    He will provide the real deal.

    I you are interested in getting to know him, let me know.

    Or you could come up here for the september Valpo gunshow....he sets up there...

  2. I appreciate the offer. I watch for deals at the auctions. Sometimes they have good stuff and it goes cheap. Other times, like this one, the weather is bad, people want something to do, and the bidding goes wild. My next military purchase will probably be a M2 carbine, because no collection is complete without at least one full auto. I will be drooling over some next month at the machine gun shoot. Be popping up there first full week of June for the grandbaby's first birthday. Maybe we can meet up while I am up there. If you haven't been to the machine gun shoot before, it is highly recommended. It is right below Fort Knox at Knob Creek. You can rent machine guns, flame throwers and they have rides available in Hueys. Huge gun show. Hope to see you next trip up.