Saturday, April 11, 2015

One more day of freedom

Almost time to go back to work. One week off and I still get two phone calls on work related matters. What part of on vacation do they not get? At least I know going in it is going to be a nastier than usual Monday. One machine has been down and I am fighting with the nimrods that supposedly serviced the control, which still doesn't work.  One of the other machines I run developed an ailment. Sounds like a bad rotary encoder. Just once I would love to go back to work and have all the equipment unmolested and working properly. I just hope nobody tried "fixing" anything as that usually creates more issues than it resolves.

Did get the last of the dead wood ripped out of the yard and cleaned up. I put some bird feeders up where the dead bush was by the living room window. Getting quite a variety out there, and a good view. Hoping on getting the hummingbirds back again this year. Lost a couple of the bushes they liked, but I placed some butterfly bushes close by along wit a feeder that should still help attract them.

Still waiting on a quote for the garage out back. May hit the club for the shoot tomorrow. Get some work hours in and see if I can get any leads on a concrete guy. Would like to get a foundation for the garage and a price on a small patio. Have pavers out there now, but would prefer a nice flat concrete pad. It was actually nice and sunny today and suppose to be more of the same tomorrow. Been an extremely wet nasty vacation weather wise. Suppose to be more of the same next week.


  1. if yer building a pole barn, check out Menards...Yeah, everyone hates them, but they will design it for you and package everything....Usually cheaper than Cleary of FBI by about 60% even with your paying someone to build the thing.

    1. I appreciate the suggestion. I actually did hit them up and have a quote for a kit. I would love a pole barn but lack the room. I am trying to find out if I can build a permanent garage in the back yard or not. I found a place that has the portable garages. They are like yard barns in the way that they are on a wood platform so thereby considered mobile. I will go that way if they won't OK a permanent structure. Figure I will put a cement pad down and put the portable on it if it comes down to that. My back yard has a pretty decent section that is set up as a utility easement, which is what makes it questionable on which way I will have to go. It should be big enough where I can get rid of my little yard barn and still retain a decent back yard. The Menards quote for a kit was only about $4000. I can pick siding to match my house along with the color of the garage door.