Sunday, March 9, 2014

We are going for three weeks in a row, yeahhhh

Got to work through the weekend yet again. At least the weather is still craptastic. We went from dead to insane. Rather do the hours now while the weather is all wet, cold and nasty. Did make it to the carwash and knocked a whole ton of salt and muck off the truck. Paycheck should look good, as long as I just look at the before tax column. Uncle Sam will be taking an extra helping to distribute among the democrats.

Did remember to set the clock ahead so I was on time. I am more than ready for a day off. Should get next Sunday off as they have a limit of twenty one days in a row and they have to give you a day off. Just an unreal amount of work to get out. Would help if the machinery would keep working. We lost another of the OD grinders which puts the full load of work through my machines. Four more weeks and I am on vacation. Hopefully the weather will be a tad warmer and drier. Not sure what I am going to do yet, but it will just be nice to get a little down time.

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