Sunday, March 2, 2014


We got a little drizzle and some icing, but nowhere near as bad as they forecast. It was especially nice since it was Sunday as there was hardly any traffic at all. Take away the people who can't drive, and not so bad. Weekend workdays fly by as there are no bosses to be annoying and get in the way. Not to mention, the radio can be turned way up. Nice day all the way around.

Finally tried out the temperature probe that the new oven came with. Cooked a whole turkey breast. All you need do is enter the internal temp of the meat you desire, set oven temp, and it cooks until done. Combine that with the convection part, and it worked wonderfully. Convection cut about a half hour off the cook time and with the probe, I didn't have to keep an eye on it. Neat part is, after meat hits target temp, it beeps three times, and kicks the oven into keep warm mode. So, if you are busy elsewhere, the meal doesn't burn. Very happy with it.

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