Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rebuilt shifter

Got the shifter out today. It was pretty nasty. The 43 year old rubber seals that keep dirt and debris out of shifter are deteriorated and shifter was rusty. I ordered new spring packs as the old ones had no spring left in them, so shifter just wobbled loosely back and forth instead of centering itself.  I also ordered the rebuild kit for the trans with new syncros and new rubber boots for above and below to protect shifter from contaminants.. One more week until vacation. Hope to get car to body shop to repair floor pan area and weld parking brake brackets on for me. Then I can start reassembling everything.

Went to gun show today. They had a few nice colts and a Krag for sale. I already bought a Colt Huntsman, or I would have bought a real nice woodsman model they had for a real good price. They had a few nice, but overpriced M1A'S  for sale as well.

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